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Wide Range of Services

At Kitsap-Tech our focus is to provide a range of services that are synergistic. We feel these services must all operate together in a cohesive environment to give the optimum solution to our customers.

The ERP System is the core service which relies on having a solid IT infrastructure. Often software development skills are required to meet our customers’ needs for customization and integration into their existing environment. Finally, websites are an important part of the solution since they can help in automating internal processes and your customers may need to have some real-time restricted visibility into your data.

Since many companies offer solutions that only look into one or two of these areas, this often leads to suboptimal solutions since the entire business model is not taken into consideration. At Kitsap-Tech we strive to ensure any solution we implement takes all factors into consideration to ensure you are getting value for your investment. This also ensures that future growth is taken into consideration so you are not implementing solutions that become obsolete shortly after they are put into place.